About Us

Hey there, I'm Keri - The Vegan Explorer!

Welcome to my world of compassionate adventures! I've been proudly rocking the vegan lifestyle since 2018, and along the way, I've discovered a passion for exploring new places, savouring different cultures, and connecting with incredible people.

Meet My Brainchild: Fussy Traveller Club - "I am Vegan" Translation Cards

Imagine strolling through the vibrant streets of a foreign land, eager to taste local delights but unsure how to convey your vegan preferences. That's where my Fussy Traveller cards come in! I've created "I am Vegan" translation cards for 52 countries. These nifty cards help you tell locals you're vegan in their language, making dining stress-free. Plus, they double as playing cards – fun and functional!

Spreading Good Vibes Everywhere

My goal is simple: spread good vibes and understanding through travel. With "I am Vegan" cards, I'm on a mission to make dining across borders a breeze. 

Life's Little Joys

When I'm not crafting awesome travel solutions, you'll find me soaking up life's little joys. From exploring breathtaking places to hanging out with family and friends, every moment is a treasure. My furry pals, Rupert & Tilly, are my partners in crime on walks. And hey, did I mention? I'm also an aerialist, soaring high and embracing freedom!

Join My Journey

So, whether you're a fellow vegan adventurer, a curious globetrotter, or anyone excited about bridging cultures, I invite you to join my journey. Let's make our travels not just about places, but about the connections we build and the love we spread. With "I am Vegan" translation cards, we're breaking barriers deliciously!