We created a pack of playing cards that you can take away with you when you travel abroad. Each card has a different country on it, and in the language of that country, it translates "I am Vegan" and “I do not eat meat, fish, dairy, milk, cheese, eggs, honey or animal products”.

These cards help you to communicate that you're vegan when you don't speak the language, so you can eat with complete peace of mind. Not to mention the endless games of cards you can play, on the plane, on the balcony, by the sea or in the airport.

A must-have item for vegan travellers.

Native translations for the following countries:

Argentina - Spanish
Austria - German
Belgium - Dutch
Brazil - Portuguese
Bulgaria - Bulgarian
Chile - Spanish
China - Chinese 
Costa Rica - Spanish
Croatia - Croatian
Cuba - Spanish
Czech Republic - 
Denmark - Danish
Dominican Republic - Spanish
Egypt - Arabic
Estonia - Estonian
Finland - Finnish
France - French
Germany - German
Greece - Greek
Hong Kong - Chinese
Hungary - Hungarian
India - Hindi
Italy - Italian
Japan - Japanese
Jordan - Arabic
Kenya - Swahili
Latvia - Latvian
Lithuania - Lithuanian
Luxembourg - Luxembourgish
Malaysia - Malay
Morocco - Arabic
Netherlands - Dutch
Norway - Norwegian
Paraguay - Spanish
Philippines - Filipino
Poland - Polish
Portugal - Portuguese
Romania - Romanian
Singapore - Malay
Slovakia - Slovak
South Korea - Korean
Spain - Spanish
Sri Lanka - Tamil
Sweden - Swedish
Switzerland - German
Taiwan - Chinese
Thailand - Thai
Tunisia - Arabic
Turkey - Turkish
Ukraine - Ukrainian
Uruguay - Spanish
Vietnam - Vietnamese

Note, not all of these countries have a specific word for 'vegan', so our native speakers have added the full dietary information for what a vegan doesn't eat to every card. Be sure the full card is read when showing them for best experience.